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China Island Freezer

Commercial Refrigerator and freezer series
Commercial freezer
Seafood display freezer
Product Name: commercial glass display island freezer
Model No: SD/SC-798SS
Applicable place: Restaurant, cake house,, supermarket, commercial center, bar, café bar, convenience store.
Original Place: Quzhou city Zhejiang Province, China
Brand Name: Snow Village
Style: dual temperature, flat top sliding glass door design , single compressor and deep interior,  refrigerated fresh and frozen storage,
Certification: 3C, CE

Technical Features:
Compatible with 25 centigrade temperature and 60% RN internal
Ambient conditions
40kg/m2 density polyurethane insulation in the whole body
All tempered glass
Control panel with digital display
Automatic defrost
All surface in contact with products and evaporators are stainless steel
Large work bench with patterned stainless steel
Anti-fogging system on windscreen
Decorative material and RAL color options
Product NameModel NoVolume (L)Power Supply (W)Temperature Range ℃Dimension (LxWxH) mmRefrigerant
commercial glass display island freezerSD/SC-798SS8183220~+10℃≤-12℃2000*`800*920R-134a
Package Details:
Packing Details : Packed in standard export plywood wooden case
Product advantages
High efficiency compressors and improved coil design
Electronic commutated motors
Variable speed fan
Improved fan blade design
Anti sweat heaters
Improved insulation and gasket
Uniform cabinet temperatures
Reduced heat output from more efficient compressor system and fan motors
Extend product lifetime.
Product Photo
Product Details Photo:
Applicable place:
Commercial restaurant and kitchen, supermarket, commercial center,
Snow Village products are covered by a 5 year compressor warranty, 3 year limited parts and 1 year labor. At Snow Village we pride ourselves in customer service, we handle all warranty claims in house for easy and reliable service.
● 5year compressor warranty covers compressor parts from the unit purchased date by the original purchaser only – warranty not transferrable
● 3 year parts warranty covers all refrigeration components including but not limited to condenser, evaporator, fan and all electric motors, temperature controls and sensors, door gaskets and more under normal wear and tear.This warranty does not cover damage to the cabinet construction, doors or draws or damaged caused by misuse.
● 1 year labor warranty covers all labor for repair on refrigeration system.
● Warranty starts from the date of purchase, customer must provide original proof of purchase, refrigeration must be properly maintained, damage caused by misuse or improper installation or blocked or dirty condenser coil will void warranty, general maintenance is not covered under warranty.
Cooperative customers
I want to start a business of making ice, what factors should I put into consideration at the beginning? How do I prepare for one?
At first , there have several types of ice in the market for different uses. most commonly see flake ice , tube ice, block ice, and cube ice, each of which requires specialized ice machine for production. Snow Village manufactures and supplies complete range of ice machine, flake ice machine, tube ice machine, block ice machine and cube ice machine. Then the production capacity of ice is the second factor that has to be confirmed . Usually depends on your local market demands, and ice storage capacity. It is always recommended to analyze the current ice factories in your area in the beginning. Or to start small-scale production , such as 1 ~ 3 tons/day, increase ice production to big in the future. Also we need to know your power supply, including voltage , frequency and phase in order to choose the appropriate compressor and motors. The ambient temperature and the inlet water temperature can help us with your system configuration.
China Island Freezer



2018-03-28 05:38:24



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