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#1 2017-09-23 08:43:33

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what is 1L really like?

I'm finishing up my undergrad this semester, and I'm a bit nervous about what 1L will be like.

Are a lot of the students recent graduates of undergrad? I looked through the UVic Law 2020 group and a lot of the people seem older/married, which is fine, but I'm a little nervous that I won't meet many people who have moved to Vic on their own.

Is there time to socialize/go out? I'm not a crazy partier, but I don't want to be submerged in studying for the next 3 years. I like going out and having fun pretty regularly.

I don't drive/don't have a car. Will I struggle to get around?

What is the 2-week course at the start of term like?

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2017-09-23 08:43:33



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