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#1 2017-09-23 08:46:19

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How to combine styles of training?

First I would like to congratulate the incoming class of 2017. You are all rock stars!

I apologize in advance if some feel that this is not the correct forum for this inquiry however it is statistically the best place to find successful Usask u-grads.

I am a mature McGill Grad of Honours Econ - a degree which had significant notoriety for being a GPA deathtrap (seriously it was brutal). While I felt that I faired well against many of my peers it left me with a crippled GPA (lower 3's), among other mitigating factors. Fast forward, I am dedicating myself to Law Admissions (USask Law primarily, though not exclusively) and am enrolled in Usask undergrad to better orient my application and wish to avoid entering into another degree which will significantly disadvantage me. I'm not looking to slay a bunch of nonsense bird courses, just to avoid disadvantaging myself.

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2017-09-23 08:46:19

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