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#1 2017-09-26 12:57:17

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Which game is it? Some old rpg.

Hello, i can not remember name of the game i played very long time ago. I will give description as i remember. If someone knows the name, please, share with me. Thank you.

It is adventure RPG with turn based combat (like ff). Game starts in a role as woman which robbed some cargo (or something) with group of thieves. They slept over night at camp and after she woke up, group of thieves disappeared with treasure and someone of them stole her amulet. (That was intro).

Camera in towns are set. (it does not move with character, but when character move from one part to another, then camera move as well. Like ff VII). First town character visit, is from old wooden gates, where guard does not allowe player to enter to town. So beside is cottage with some tools to get pass guard.

There is world map with random encounters. etc.

Game is older like from 1995-2005. Cover is woman as warrior with red hair and sword if i am not mistaken.

I tried to search in many ways but I can not find game since it is not popular at all.

Please help....

I didn't find the right solution from the Internet.
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2017-09-26 12:57:17

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