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#1 2017-09-28 13:14:19

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Nike Air Max Cage problems


So I had the Air Max Cage for about 1.5's what I can tell you guys. They fit my foot well and feel great, and I did not have to go down half a size, I kept my normal size 10.5.

I was about 3 weeks into them when the bubble on my right heel popped. So every time i would take a step, I could hear a squishing/crunching sound.

Then came the outsoles. I was playing a match and fell down three times, I looked at the bottom and noticed that they were bald, but not terribly bad.

I don't know what is wrong with the outsole with these shoes. They're not worn down that badly, but I slipped in them so much that I just decided to throw them back in the closet. I've since moved on to Barricade 8's which I'm loving. I really liked the shoes other than the outsole and bubble popping problems. I know people have had the bubble pop, but has anybody else had the experiences I've had with the outsoles?

Please help....

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2017-09-28 13:14:19



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