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#1 2017-09-28 13:16:37

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Nike AirMax 360 defective....Nike Customer Service?


This isn't your typical HB post, but i thought maybe some of you would have some knowledge in this area.

My wife is training for a marathon and has been running on a pair of AirMax 360's. She bought the pair in October and loves them.

Last week she had to take a week off from her training due to a strained Achilles Tendon in her left foot. After looking at her sneakers, it was obvious that the air chamber in the left shoe had somehow become deflated and was not providing any cushioning. She hadn't tampered with the shoe, so whatever happened to the shoe happened through normal wear and tear.

Does anyone have any experience dealing with Nike as far as something like this goes? I think a $160 pair of running shoes should last more than 6 months.

Will Nike replace these at all? Not like she wants her money back, she just wants a pair of shoes to run in. Anyone have any advice?

Please help...

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2017-09-28 13:16:37

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